Seeking advice for best product choice

I need 10 channels of 10A SPDT relay control via RS232.
I am considering three potential solutions. I need to consider cost, module failure risk, and since the boards do not seem to physically stack, space.

  1. Industrial relay controller 16Ch SPDT + 8Ch ADC. $508
    This solution is the easiest but is the most expensive.

  2. Industrial relay controller 4Ch SPDT + UXP Expansion Port along with the XR Expansion SPDT 8 relay controller with general purpose relays. $425 I added this solution to my cart and then found the 3rd option which seems to trump this option.

  3. Fusion 2Ch SPDT Relay controller with 16 GPIO or ADC and I2C - 10A SPDT along with the Fusion expansion SPDT relay controller 8Ch. $366

Perhaps there are more choices that I have not considered?


ProXR/Industrial Relay are our most proven reliable product line.

Fusion is based on the same technology so its not far behind.

If you’re tied to RS-232 then those are your best options for 10 channels of relay control.

ProXR will have the edge if there will be heavy vibration as all of the parts are through-hole while Fusion has some surface mount parts.