Sample code for MCP9600 K-Type Thermocouple I2C Mini Module

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I want to read out a MCP9600 K-Type Thermocouple I2C Mini Module with an I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi with Outward Facing I2C Port Terminates over HDMI Port. Is there any sample code available?
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Hi Falk,
I use this code for my testing.

it has python and arduino sample codes.


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I tried the file, but I always get an error message. The sensor is directly connected to the I2C Shield and is also lit. When I search for the device, I get an address the first time I try it, but not every time I try it again. With the other sensors, β€œi2cdetect -y 1” doesn’t show me any addresses either, but they still work without errors. Do you have an idea why the temperature sensor does not work?
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According to the MCP9600 data sheet the I2C address is 0x80 to 0x87 (adjustable via ADDR pin). Why are the MCP9600.c and different addresses? How can the setting be done via ADDR? Where is ADDR connected?
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Hi Falk,
The MCP9600 really good ( or really bad) i2c addressing. it usages analog voltage to change I2C address.

On the board there is a potentiometer which can be used to change the address. make sure you use the address you get from I2C detect in the code.

The I2C detect only scans from 0 to 0x70. so that why i address higher then that might not be showing in i2cdetect.

the IO error comes when the I2C address does not match between software and hardware.


Hi Bhaskar :wave:,
i can read the temperature sensor. Its address is 0x63.
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