RR55-36 edge computer OLED display won't turn on

Hi, i have a IOT Edge Computer (PR55-36) and I have issues to start using it. I plugged in the ethernet and waited for the display to show the info to access the ncd.io gateway but it won’t turn on. Is there another way to access to it?

if you run wifi scan do you see a wifi netowrk with name like " ncdgateway-XXXX’


no, I cannot see the network with that name

What is currently displayed on the OLED screen?

Do you see a line that says:

can you share a picture of the setup?
do you see any led on ?

I think the OLED screen is damaged and won’t turn on. The AP that worked for me was and with that I managed to factory reset the device following the instructions in this guide https://ncd.io/lte-cellular-ethernet-wifi-iot-edge-computer/ and still the OLED screen won’t turn on.

If you factory reset the device and did not re-flash the image then that is why it is not working.

Did you download the files from the GitHub repository, copy them to a thumb drive, install that thumb drive in the IoT Edge Computer, and then connect to the IoT Edge Computer and run command run /mnt/sda1/setup.sh? If not you will need to do that.

yes, I did all of that

can you share a screen shot of system and network webpage

it does not have the ncd firmware.
Follow step 6 steps to install the ncd firmware

while doing this

  1. make sure ethernet is connected
  2. connect the edge computer to your pc over micro USB and open the serial port in terminal like Putty

Ok, I’ll do it, thanks

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-15 at 00.07.05
I did all the steps of the guide and this happened

what happened after this
i dont think it went through as you can see there is a permission denied error

Nothing happened. I cannot access to the NCD gateway by typing the IP at the web browser

did you format the USB driver before loading copying the firmware files ?
do this

  1. firstboot -y
  2. reboot
  3. plug usb stick once device is back online
  4. go to cd /mnt
  5. type ls
  6. share screen shot of that
  7. go to cd /mnt/sda1
  8. type ls
  9. share a screen shot
  10. run ./setup.sh
  11. leave it running. you will see the led on the module will turn bright green

It went through…

the led on the module remains bright blue

what do I do now? Thank you for the time btw

it should remain blue till its done with firmware loading. based on internet sped it could take anywhere between 30min to 1hr.
once its done what do you see on the putty screen ?

It’s been 2 hours at least and it still remains in that state. At some point the putty screen closed, keeping me from seeing the installation progress

putty should not close because its a hardware serial connection.
do you see anything on the oled screen ?