Replacement board part number

I purchased one of your ZADSR165PROXR_Zeth-ME boards back in Feb. 2012. It has the 5 amp relays with an Ethernet interface. It has been upgraded (LANX Ethernet controller) and repaired a couple times. Can you tell me what your current replacement part number is for this board? Thank you.


The Ethernet module and the board have been disconnected so the new SKU will be two SKUs:

The module is also available as an add-on for the base board under the “But Now” tab.

Since my board was upgraded with the Lantronix port (in August 2013), does that mean I can reuse this port on just a new replacement relay controller/adc board or do I need to purchase the Lantronix port as well?

If you aren’t having problems with your Ethernet module you can swap it over to the new board. Just make sure to power everything down first. There’s a 12v socket there that will wreak havoc if it hits the wrong pin.