Remote Solar Disconnect

We purchased a MirCR1 kit to remotely disconnect a solar circuit. We were using the contact on the receiver to disconnect one-leg of our 120V AC solar circuit (11A). The transmitter, receiver and everything worked fine but we were still getting 90V through the contact after it was opened. Please help.

The relay on the receiver board is nothing but a simple switch. You would wire it to the load exactly as you would a standard wall switch. When the relay is off you should read an open circuit between the COM and NO terminals on the relay, disconnect your voltage and load and confirm that. If you read an open circuit there then there is nothing wrong with the relay. If you read continuity when the relay is off then there is a problem.

That it the way it was wired. We will test it at our shop. One pin broke off of the XBee Pro S3B? I just ordered a new one. Do they need to be paired?

More than likely that pin that broke was just on the riser pins. Pull the riser pins off the bottom of the XBee module, then install the module back into the board without those risers. We install those on the module to keep the metal pan on the bottom of the XBee module from contacting the short inner row of pin sockets on the board so just make sure that metal pan does not contact those pins and it should be fine, no need to order a new module.

And yes, to answer your question, those modules do need to be paired which does require additional hardware. You might want to cancel that order.