Remote sensor configuration

Is it possible to put the sensors in configuration mode remotely?
We have earlier selected 5 minutes intervals but now we need to change it to 1 minute. The sensors are deployed on the machine. We can’t reach the sensors without stopping production.
Any suggestion?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Plaban,

We are currently working on rolling out a new OTF capability to many of our sensors. If you are using a newer vibration sensor it will have the capability. You will need the newest version of the ncd-red-wireless-library and Node-Red to take advantage of this if your sensor does support it.

Primarily this is only supported on vibration sensors. If it is supported for your sensor in Node-Red you will see an option directly below the Auto Config option in the Wireless Sensor Node once you’ve selected the sensor type.

Let me know the SKU of the sensor you have and what you’re using as a gateway and I can check if it supports the OTF configuration update.

Hi Jacob,
I can see auto-config.

I can’t find the SKU. but the Mac ID is “mac”:“00:13:a2:00:41:ee:26:7d”.


Remote config is only available in sensor types at this point