Relays not activating on new board

Hi NCD, I have a 24 relay board on which I can’t activate any relays. I can’t activate relays through network commands or through the NCDbase software. When I first plugged in there were two lights on, indicating that two relays were active. These relays were not active and after factory resetting the hardware, it still does not work. I think it is a hardware issue. Do you have any other ideas to fix this?

This is the ZUXPSR24xPROXR board specifically.


Hi Chris,

What communication interface module is installed in the board? Ethernet? If so you may try changing the “Work As” setting to TCP Server using this configuration software:

Here is the complete guide for the Ethernet Module:

Thank you,

Travis Elliott

Yea it’s Ethernet. I can’t install this software on the work computers I have access to. Any other advice? Could this be a hardware issue?

No, I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue. it is a configuration issue. The module is in WEB-i mode right now which means the built in web interface can be used to control the relays. You however need the module set to TCP server mode so you can connect to it via TCP socket and send commands to control the relays. To change that mode you need to connect to the module using that software and change the “Work As” setting.

I swapped out the physical ethernet module with a known working ethernet module which I can configure over TCP, and the board is still not commandable. I believe that does the same goal as what you mentioned. Any other ideas?

I can’t install the software on this machine currently, but if that’s the only way I will get it installed.