Relay control from LabVIEW via RS485

Hi, I’m planning on controlling some ProXR Industrial Relay cards from LabVIEW, using RS485.
I’ve downloaded and installed the LabVIEW drivers but it doesn’t seem possible to set the RS485 address of the card I wish to send commands to.
I can modify the drivers to suit, but just wanted to check that I haven’t missed something obvious.

the address needs to be set in the Proxr board. The RS485 module is a simple RS485 to UART converter in this case.
Proxr has E3C command set and over there you can set the address. I will recommend trying base station software first.

@Talha is our labview Developer. feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions.


Hi, thanks for your reply, that clarifies matters.
Can you tell me please if the Proxr cards are Dropnet devices?
If so it would seem that the Updated API Structure for E3C DropNet Devices in the API Codec Quick Start Guide would apply, which should be quite straightforward to implement.

Yes, proxr cards are dropnet devices.
this guide will work

Thank you, that’s very helpful.