Relay Board with LANtronix Ethernet

So I’ve got a ZADSR32xDPDTPROXR, connected to a XR32xDPDT, and I’m communicating to it via a LANtronix XPort.

Just to see what would happen I sent a message with a bad checksum. (Off by 1.)

I was expecting some sort of message back indicating that a message was received but it was malformed - some sort of NAK. Does the controller just ignore it and not give a response?

Thank you

The controller discards errant data packets without notification. It only confirms valid communications with a response.
Please let us know if you have more questions.

Related to this, for a properly formed message how long should I wait for a response?

The amount of time required after a command is sent to the controller, processed by the controller, response returned, and arrived back at the controlling software will vary drastically on the network speed and whether or not the connection is local or remote(internet). Generally I set a timeout conservatively on network connected devices at around 300 - 400 milliseconds.