Red STAT Light Flashing on pH/Temp Sensor

Hello NCD,

We recently purchased a pH/Temp sensor and deployed it at a site.

The sensor configuration was deployed with default settings (10 min reading) from NCD.

The sensor was stable for a few weeks, but then stopped working one day (not sending a signal to edge computer). We just checked the sensor, and when we opened it the red STAT light on the board inside the case was flashing. We turned off the sensor via the switch, waited a minute, and then turned it on, and now the sensor is working properly again and the STAT light is not flashing.

We are wondering what the flashing red STAT light means, and whether this will occur again when we deploy it? There is no water damage, and batteries are still 99%.

Please advise on what we need to do to ensure that this sensor remains stable once it is deployed again. Given the distance to our clients site, it is not feasible for us to reset the sensor periodically.

Thank You!

State led –

  1. blink one – data was sent successfully
  2. blink twice and blink once – data was sent successfully but there was an issue with communication between the sensor and the onboard MCU
  3. Blink 3 times – issue with radio communication
    If it device encounters communication errors it will reboot and flash 3 times again and keeps doing it. it tries to recover but if it can not recover by doing a soft reboot it will keep flashing. something like this rarely happens

Thanks Anil. Actually, my technician says that light was solid red. Any ideas what that may be?

let me check what will cause that.

Hi Anil, any updates on this? Sensor has been stable for a week, but I want to understand what the issue may be if it happens again. Thanks.

In the firmware, we cant find anything which can point to this. The only assumption we have is that maybe there was “overflow” inside the device memory, which caused it. We are running a device over here as well and haven’t encountered it yet