Receive only one reading via MQTT, then nothing

I have set up my Wifi Micro Gateway MQTT on my network and connected to my MQTT broker (and am getting a solid green light).

Then, on my 3-wire RTD transmitter (PR55-44), I flipped the switch to ON, saw the red LED flash twice, and I got a reading on the MQTT broker (see snapshot from Node-RED using the MQTT in node).

And that’s when the party ends. No more red LED on the temperature transmitter, and no more readings coming across the MQTT broker.

Is there something that I need to change to get the readings to continuously flow via MQTT?

EDIT: It transmits a reading every 10 minutes, which is not acceptable in my application. I searched the forum for “every 10 minutes” and followed the instructions for how to change the delay from 10 minutes to 1 minute. After several attempts, I got the settings to stick. It is now transmitting every 1 second, which is ideal for me. Any idea how long before I have to change the 4 AA batteries? I plan to run this 24 hrs/day.

Hi, cannot really help you since i use a power supply. But according to another brand, they can last up to a year according to security settings, mode, reporting interval, battery temperature and more variables. I have a question for you though. How do i set up the MQTT topic on which the device publishes its data? i have the “contact closure push notification” sensor, Green light is lit, MQTT broker running and working good, but i just don’t know the name of the topic to read info.
Thanks for your time.

Try putting the topic as # to see what comes through.

In my case, the topic turned out to be gateway/10:97:BD:08:5C:90/sensor/00:13:A2:00:42:0C:58:22