Reactor board with new kfx module is not working

i m using reactor relay board and it is working fine , now i want to add some manual controls using new kfx module , how i can use this new module in reactor board.

i found in reactor manual some commands that i can use . i already configure reactor board and kfx module. i turn on relay 1 with timer 2 fort 3 seconds.

to activate timer 2 code is 64, 2, 1

when i pressed button in my remote kfx led on and also busy led in reactor is on for a moment but reactor relay does not activate relay 1.

it activates relay 1 but bi have to try many times .
i need press button one time then relay activates.

suggestions please

Plug the KFX back into your computer for configuration. Make sure Protocol is set to RAW and not NCD API as that will add additional bytes to the packet which Reactor does not understand. See this screen shot for what I am talking about:

i checked as you mentioned, but still is not working properly, i have to press many times button on key fob and some times reactor board relay activates relay as i want.

Can you post a screen shot of the settings you are storing into the KFX module?

Also can you post screen shots of your settings in the Reactor controller?


at this moment when i press button relay 2 should activate and when release button relay 1 should activate.

this happens some times, i still need to press button many times

Try changing the setting Allow Multiple Commands per Button from 1 to 0. I think a bunch of 0s are being sent on the end of the command which may be confusing the Reactor controller.

i tried as you suggest changing Allow multiple commands per button from 1 to 0 , but the result is the same .
also tried to do everything from zero.

result is the same , i have to try many times to activate a relay.
the test combinations are running out

i have a question : product SKU: R85PL_KEYFOB is specifically designed for remote control ?
I’m considering trying with this product

Yes, R85PL is specifically designed for KFX. Reactor never really was and honestly I’ve never tried it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work but obviously its not.

How long ago did you purchase these boards? If it’s within 60 days you can return that Reactor board in exchange for an R85PL.

in fact i bought 2 of them March 4th, i will return both .
send information for return (LABEL).

i will need 2 SKU: R810PL_KEYFOB let me know how much i have to pay in order to have these new boards.

thanks for your support.

Please fill out the form here to return the boards for exchange: