Re-purpose 2 Channel reply board for Esp

I have a 2 channel relay board from an old project that used the Particle Proton board. I would like to repurpose and use it with either an ESP32 or ESP8266 but my board does have the pinout for an ESP device. It only has 24 pins for Proton. How can I use it? Is NCD’s ESP devices custom? What’s the answer?




The relay controller you have has what we call an IoT interface socket where the Photon plugs in. The pinout of the board is actually designed based on the Photon/Electron modules from Particle. Our ESP8266 and ESP32 modules were designed to follow this footprint for connecting to the I2C lines of the board for controlling the on board MCP23008. This means ESP modules from other suppliers may not work in the board. You can compare the pinout of the Electron module from Particle to the pinout of your module but more than likely you will need one of the ESP modules we sell.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott