Raspberry Pi I2C Xbee Shield with Enterprise Sensors

Is it possible to use the https://store.ncd.io/product/i2c-shield-for-raspberry-pi-2-3-with-outward-facing-i2c-and-xbee-port/ on a raspberry pi and node-red without the use of the enterprise gateways/modems? It seems the only selection using the ncd-red-wireless node is USB and TCP along with gateway mac address.

I would like to use the Xbee mounted directly on a raspberry pi and receive data from the enterprise sensors and endnodes. Is it just a matter of selecting the xbee serial port and using the xbee mac address?

Yes, defiantly the sensors can be used with RPI using the wireless shield and digi module.


@Anil_Bhaskar so I can use the standard “ncd-red-wireless” in node-red to achieve this or do I have to use the Xbee nodes on node-red? The only reason I ask is I only see setting there relating to your modems. Is the API data from the modems the same if it was directly from the Xbee its self?


Hi Matthew,
yes, you can use ncd-re-wireless with RPI.
they data comes as it is so it wont care if its coming from PI shield or any of the modems.

Only thinkg you will need to change is the port. rather then using USB port you will need to select the serial port. i guess its ttyAMA0 or something like that on pi