Question - Wireless Asset Monitor

Hi Community,

Pretty generic question but wanted to knowcommunity’s thought on this. If mounted on a motor, is it sensitive enough to log vibration data of any motor ? Sensitive enough to sense if it is stop or running ?


You may want to look at a slightly different sensor for vibration monitoring:

Another method is to directly measure the AMPS from the motor using a:

Thanks Ryan for the reply.
I looked into this sensor, there are no specific mourning instruction i was able to see.
Can just be simply mounted on the motor’s casing ?
Haven’t tried a magnetic mount before, but since it already had a magnetometer, that might foul up the values for the sensor (if i need a magnetometer, otherwise accelerator should be enough i believe).

Cheers …

I believe the intention for the vibration sensor was magnetic mounting. NCD also sells the magnets.
You would likely Mount the sensor over the output bearing.

I guess it all depends on your application and what you want to measure.
In my mind:

  • The Asset Monitor would be used to detect significant shock loads.

  • The Vibration Monitor would be used for long term Preventative Maintenance for early detection of Motor failures or cavitation in a pumping system. It is much more sensitive than the Asset Monitor (if that’s what you need? )

  • The Current Monitor (AMPS) would give the most accurate results for Starts/Stops/Run-time and System Demand.

@Bhaskar is an expert. I’m sure he can explain more when NCD gets back from July 4’th Vacation.
He’s helped me greatly.

as @rfontaine mentioned the vibration and current sensor will be an ideal combination.

If you just want to detect when the motor comes on and when it turns off, you could look into activity monitor as well.

Magnetic mounts makes installation a lot easier and they magnets have stainless steel shield around them. Magnets mounts does not interfere with sensor readings.

Great Insight guys … Thanks !!