Question about Long Range IoT Wireless RTD - 2 terminals on same side as antenna

All is working well with the measurements and communications (Visual Studio with parts of Alpha heavily copied - thanks!!) I am curious about the two terminals along the same side with the antenna. There is a plus and a minus symbol silkscreened on the circuit board next to the terminals. Looks like it is for power … but … I’d rather ask about it than hearing something go “Fssst!!”

Can you share a picture of the connector you are talking about

Here are two images of the device showing the terminals in question. The drawing of the IOT push notification sensor on the NCD.IO website shows the terminals also.



yes its for external power

External power… perfect! I am assuming it is to power the wireless IOT device, not supply power to an external device such as a sensor which may require power for warm up or such. If to power the wireless device, what is the expected input voltage range?

the power supply is for powering up the device.
input range is 5-12VDC

Thanks. I was hoping these terminals would use 3vdc input to power the IOT wireless device. My application requires a 60sec refresh rate and I wanted to “externalize” the AA batteries for ease of replacement without modifying the case and snipping the internal battery leads.