PWM Receiver for PR20-10

Would I be able to just use an ADC to detect the level of the PWM output or do I need a different board? My goal here is to detect the output level from a PR20-10 as part of our automated test bench.

ADC wont be able to read it because the voltage always stays at 5V.

You will need digital inputs to read pulse signal.


Can I get some official guidance on product selection?

Can I get some code guidance on how to record the duty cycle from for example the PCA9685 with a MCP23008? Any language is acceptable I’m just having a hard time understanding how to set the high bit and low bit and figure out the time in between.


Here is some sample code that will run on a Particle Photon:

It essentially initializes the MCP23008 setting all DIOs to floating inputs so they can be used to monitor 0-5VDC High/Low signals. There is place holder text in there to show you where code will be triggered when input 1 goes high or low. Perhaps this will get you going in the correct direction. Ideally this code would run on a separate thread so the input could be monitored very quickly.