ProXR Timer Status problem

Here’s the problem: I can’t get my ProXR timer to respond to a timer status command. The product is a Relay Controller 1-Channel General Purpose SPDT + 8 Channel ADC ProXR Lite with an XBee Pro 538 communications port.
I’ve integrated this into my application and it has been working flawlessly for months. Recently I needed to query the status of the timer on the ProXR Lite and have been totally unsuccessful.

In the ProXR Quick Start Guide under “Relay Timer Query” the payload to query timer 0 is:

AA 05 FE 32 82 00 60

The problem here is that the manual claims the checksum is 0x60. I use the the same function to compute checksums for all the payloads I send and that function comes up with a checksum of 0x61.

When I send the payload with the computed 0x61 I get a transmit success, but no response from the relay unit after 200ms. I hardcoded 0x60 as the checksum just to test and again, I get a transmit success code, but nothing from the ProXR. No errors, just no response. According to the manual, I should be getting 7 bytes back something like this.

AA 04 00 00 00 00 AE

Getting timer status from all my other ProXR boards works perfectly. Its only the ProXR Lite on the DigiMesh port.



That command checksum of 0x60 certainly appears to be incorrect. My checksum calculations come up to 0x61 as well.

  1. You say you are sending this command over DigiMesh. Did you install the DigiMesh module in the ProXR Lite relay board or did we install it for you?

  2. Do other commands sent to this relay board operate as normal? IE turning relays on and off, starting timers, etc?

Hi Travis,

  1. I installed it, though I bought both from NCD
  2. All other commands have been working fine since the beginning. I routinely turn the relay on and off and the duration timer command works just fine. Its only when I query the timer status that I’m having this problem.