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Hello, I have the ProXR Repair Kit.
Production of the PROXR Card in the test setups of the cards. In the production with the problem, a card is breaking the PIC on the PROXR.
It is intended for ADC Input voltages (3.3V-5V) of the mounting panel. I want to buy 20 of this set from you

ProXR repair kits are available here: ProXR Repair Kit -

hello ryan1 , thanks, I hope I was able to explain my problem. Unfortunately, the ADC Inputs are unprotected, in this case, I can install a zener diode here, right?

Since ADC inputs are very sensitive to voltages, they are unprotected as any additional electronics can alter the input voltages. Zener diodes could work but will likely introduce a minor shift in readings that will require software calibration.