ProXR Lite controlling Turnstile with Fusion Software

I noticed a few other topics related to turnstiles.

We are using a ProXR Lite relay board to control 4 turnstiles via enterprise software called Fusion. We have a random dropout of USB devices (card readers at the turnstiles) to our control PC. Causing gates to not open. Works fine for a while after a reset

Turnstiles are wired directly with dry contacts to the relay board.
Relay boards are powered by external power and USB is plugged into a USB hub.
USB Hub also has usb-cat5 extenders plugged in (for the card readers).

Would an Induction suppression capacitor be needed? If so, where would they be wired into?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you


Yes, this sounds like a typical induction issue. This article shows a wiring diagram of how to install an induction suppression capacitor between the relay and the load.

We sell these induction suppression capacitors here:

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott