ProXR Lite communication documentation

I’m developing software to control a ProXR Lite 2 channel board with Gen 3 ethernet.

I found the API Codec documentation at
which is great.

I need to read the AD8 to monitor the status of some contact closures. I found the AD8 documentation at which is also great.

I found the ProXR Quick Start guide at
which gives a lot of sample messages, but is there a document which defines the protocol, much like the AD8 guide, rather than just giving sample messages?
It looks like a similar issue was raised a couple years ago:

Has any progress on documentation been made since then?

Our application also uses the AD8 Relay Activator to turn off the relays with contact closures, and when I first connect to the device, I need to verify the configuration and set it if necessary. I can configure this through the BASE Station software, but haven’t found any documentation for how to do this programatically, and the BASE Station panel for this does not even have an option to show its messages.

Thanks for the help!


If you’re looking for a more unified way to get the commands and the easiest ways to handle things in your own code I would recommend looking at our Industrial-Relay-Control Python library: I have comments in the example applications to outline what is being sent and what to expect for each command:

Unfortunately the API used to configure the AD8 Relay Activator has never been fully documented and I don’t support it in the Python library for you to dissect. The only place that those commands live is in the source code of Base Station: