ProXR Lite - Broadcast Replies

We’re designing a product that will use two ProXR Lite boards with the Digi XBee radios. I have two questions:
1. Are the Digi Radios set to broadcast mode from the factory? In other words, will we be able to connect at least two radios without requiring any Digi utility changes and get the system to work?
2. If the radios are set to broadcast, will there be multiple replies from each receiver after sending a command? For example, if there are two ProXR Lites, will there be two separate 85 responses when turning on a relay?


I highly recommend reviewing documentation on the DigiMesh protocol from Digi here:
The modules will be in factory configuration except for the baud rate which will be set to 115200.

I generally do not recommend sending commands in broadcast mode, however that is purely personal preference. If you are going to broadcast commands to the relay controllers from the modem then I recommend disabling mesh repeating on the modules in the relay controller, otherwise they will rebroadcast the messages which means the relay controllers receiver the commands multiple times. Once again this is something you will need to research in the DigiMesh documentation.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks Travis,

The application is for backboard lights. So, we want both relays, Ideally bank 1 relay 1, to trigger at the same time on both ProXR Lites.