ProXR controller not passing to Expansion Board

Any idea why a ProXR controller would not pass on the signal to an expansion board? All other functions of the controller work fine and both the cable and expansion board have been tested with another controller and function correctly.

I have seen people plug the cables in backwards, this can cause the problem, but unlikely if you have tested with other controllers. You can always look at Configuration Settings in the controller (Base Station Software) and check to make sure attached relay banks is set to the highest value (by default, it is set to max). But this can kill communications. I have also seen a dead cable. I have also seen static on the XR port kill the previous driver stage, allowing on-board relays to function, but expansions to fail. You can try swapping driver chips around if all else fails.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Ryan. Turned out to be a driver chip. I ordered some replacements

Thanks again,

The TPIC driver chips use DMOS technology, be SURE to discharge before changing chips, they are very static sensitive. Once in the board, it’s a little better, but static handling is strongly advised. I have seen these chips fail due to static more frequently than most chips I have handled. Let me know if we can help.