ProXR Board with WIFI

I have a brand new ProXR board with WIFI. The WIFI board connects to my WIFI and I can ping the static IP. I try and use NCD Base to do diagnostics on the board and all the test fail. The Android app also says the device is not available. When I try and pull the board config is says communications problem. Any help is appreciated.


A few things could cause this. In no particular order:

You might try manually entering the static IP address into Base Station. If the LED on the wifi module goes solid green there is a socket open to it. If Base Station says “Device Identification Failed” then it could not communicate to the relay controller.

The WiFi module must be place back into the relay controller after being configured in the USB Configuration Adapter.

The power supply must be 12vDC. We recommend ~1 Amp.

The static IP address assigned may be outside of the subnet of your network. If you run the command “tracert ip_address” in your command line with ip_address being the static IP of your module it should only give yo 1 to 2 items in the trace. Any more and the call is going out of network.

Its possible that the static IP address is already assigned to another device on the network. You could try reverting to DHCP if possible or check your router’s list of attached devices to see if there are multiple entries at that address and if the MAC address matches what is displayed in the log window during configuration.

Let me know if any of the above point to the issue.