ProRX 32 relay ethernet board. Network drops after 100-200 Operations

I am having network reliability problems. I have a test program that turns on or shuts off 2 random relays every second.
It runs perfectly for 100-200 cycles then the network gets hung up, requiring a power cycle or a reboot which doesn’t always work.
It tends to stop at the same point if nothing else changes, which suggests a non-hardware problem.
I open and close the socket every cycle, because my final cycle interval will be minutes not one second.
I poll for read & write, before doing a send or recv.
I have a retry loop, with interval set to .3 seconds.
I have put other delays in the obvious places, but the problem persists.
I did mistakenly return Digi Connect TE to factory settings, perhaps I went too far back in firmware?
Attempts to load a new one don’t appear to work.
My application is insensitive to switching ties of a couple seconds.


Can you please provide a photo of the relay controller you are working with?

Here is the baord I have. It’s pretty old, I forget when I bought it.
Perhaps I just need a new one?

Ah, yes, we have not sold those devices for several years. I can’t remember any issues like you are describing with the Digi Connect ME module though. I can’t remember if it has an inactivity timeout or not, if it does you should be able to change it through the WEB UI on the module, that might help.