Project detection rotation

Hi everyone,
I have a project which i need to detect when a box (normally all the time fixed) have rotated (more than 45° of one of his axis most important will be yaw angle), i don’t need precisely measure but something reliable on the time. It’s for safety application with a environnement of 3 lamps LED in 130VCA, so i don’t know if magnetometer will not be disturb by current.
This sensor will be fixed inside this metal box and then each minute, this sensor will be supply and give it’s measure (and compare with initial position). May be i can use a accelerometer with battery but it’s not the best choice, if you have another idea?

Do you tell me a product will be compatible with my application:

Thanks for your help,

Unfortunately a gyroscope will be effected by magnetic fields as well.

You could try it and see how much its effected. It may not be significant enough to matter.

You may also consider some mechanical limit type switches that close a contact when the limit is detect. For instance something like this: where the sensors detect magnets on the floor below the box. These types of sensors are not very sensitive so they should work fine. These sensors would need to go to a product like:

For your application, using an accelerometer seems to be the best choice. A gyro will only provide you with the rate of rotation. Whereas, accelerometer can measure both absolute or relative change in orientation. Why do you think its not the best choice?
We have wide range of products with accelerometers and builtin batteries. You can even use our free utilities to set up the time delay, which determines the delay after which the sensor is powered up and acceleration is measured.

Please take a look at the following products:

There is currently no product for orientation detection, but we are open to new applications and use cases and thrive to add new products to our portfolio. If you think accelerometer is the right solution for you then you can contact technical support and request a new product that meets your project requirements.