Programmatic control of Gen 3 relay

I need to be able to control relay boards over LAN purely through software, but I’m having a very hard time finding the right resources anywhere. I’m looking for an SDK or API that I can use. Controlling the relay through base station or web interface is not an option for us.

The API Codec seems to exist to provide this, but I can’t find documentation for it that tells me how to build my packets or how they are encoded.

The model I’m using for test is NCD5500 with 3rd gen ethernet interface. Is a ProXR module the right way to do this?

I will recommend starting with ncd base station.

Over here you can see all the commands. Its an easy way to find out all the commands.

The other way it to follow the command guidelines from the proxr product manual. The product manual can be found on product page under resources.
@jacob can you help @jgrills with this.


The easiest code to read is probably the Python library:

There will be methods for wrapping commands in our API, how to build commands, etc.

This library supports network and serial communications by handling all communications from a single method that differentiates between them so you can leave out the if connection == serial part of your translation.

Or you can use the library as is if Python is acceptable