Problem with Water Detect sensor

I’ve been bench testing a project using several water detect sensors and was racking my brain thinking I had bad signal issues with one of them but as it turns out there is a loose connection within the sensor itself. How do I go about getting this replaced? Thanks, Tony

Edit: I tested all four of the units tonight and found that two of them are sporadically not sensing water

Is the loose connection at the screw terminal ( inside box) or at the probe end ?


At (or in) the probe ends.


I will recommend sending it back for an replacement


Further bench testing today and it might not be what I originally thought. I have a plastic pitcher of water that I’ve been using to simulate flooding conditions while working on my code. I’ve been experiencing times when one or two sensors do not “fire” state changes or fire multiple times to the edge computer and sometimes sending a zero (dry) when the sensor is submerged. I originally thought it was due to a loose connection at the sensor. Is there a possibility that one sensor can affect others in the same pool of water?

no one sensor can not affect other sensor in same pool of water.
the io could file multiple time s as you are submerging in the water. but onnce its in water it should be high