Problem with the Asset Monitor


I have the asset Monitor for the last two weeks, and I configured the sensor like this:

Works great, but went the move (vibration) stops the sensor in a few minutes send 752 in all the axes (x,y,z) and then fail and don´t send data anymore, until I push the reset button.

I think the problem is the configuration but maybe someone has the answer.


the configuration looks fine.

did you try testing with labview ui and see if it stops there as well.
can you share labview run time screenshot.


Yes, I did it. The same behavior.

I will recommend doing factory reset.

  1. Press release reset button
  2. immediately hold cfg button for 20 sec
  3. release cfg button and wait for 3-4 sec
  4. press and release reset

I increase the range to 4G and also the threshold to aprox 0.5G, and then the fail don’t show again.

I think maybe that was the problem, the low value of the threshold.