Problem with R420PL_KEYFOB

My 4 relay keyfob controlled board has stopped working. None of the relays will energize. The receiver checked out ok when connected to my laptop – the key fobs are being received at the receiver & the program is still in-tact. After putting the receiver back onto the relay board - the LEDs seem to show button press and the communication LED flashes too. BUT - the relays are not getting energized.


Sorry it doesn’t seem like you were receiving our replies on the ticketing system. The responses may have ended up in your spam folder and we don’t have another contact with you outside of this.

So there could be a few issues.

A relay driver chip could have gone out which would prevent the relays from activating even if the commands are getting to the board. This would have to come back to us for an RMA.

It could be that the load surpasses the rating of the NC side of the relay (10A - and it has fused the relay pole.

It could be an issue with the power supply going bad and dropping the voltage too low for the relay to operate, but leaving the rest of the board functioning (~9-10 VDC is the lowest I’ve seen relays switch at).

Do the relays cycle when all loads are removed from the relays?

Do the relay status LEDs change state when the fob buttons are pressed?

What is the amperage and voltage of the load on each relay approximately?

It does seem like an RMA situation so we can get it back here to troubleshoot, but I would try a new power supply if one is handy and function testing the relays with no loads if feasible.

Thank you for the reply. I did now get your email also. Each relay on the board is controlling 600W lighting circuits (120v) - so there should not be a sealing of the relay contacts. I will check on the power supply voltage. The relays do not work even without a load. The relay status LEDs do not light either - only the COMM LED flashes when I press the button.

I sent in an email to update you on the problem I’m having.