Problem with npm installing nodes on the gateway


My gateway and Two-Channel-Vib-V3 node are up and running! Very happy about that.
Configuration of the node setting can be done. Super.

But what I can’t do from node-red, which is running on the Gateway, is installing node-red nodes.
Not from “Manage pallette” and not from the Terminal (not in root and not in the directory .node-red).

Somebody a solution?

Many thanks.

The Netherlands

If you attempt to install a library through the Pallet Manager in Node-Red and then you click view log what errors are you seeing?

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Sorry for the delay, but a have now the logfile:

For formatting the timestamp info the node-red module “moment” is advised on many internet hits.


Hi Leendert,

That is not a library which NCD developed. I would recommend reaching out to the developer of the library for support. This appears to be the GitHub repo for the library:

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A, ok.
I will try to contact the developer of the node “moment”.

But the action “update” in the “manage palette” for the node “ncd-red-wireless version 1.5.53” to 1.5.59 does not work either.