Problem with AMS 5915 Sensor

I am experiencing a problem with an AMS 5915 that I purchased from NCD.

I am using the sensor with a Teensy Microcontroller to measure pressure differences. I had the sensor connected to the Teensy via I2C with a level shifter between the two since the Teensy operates at 3.3V while the Sensor uses 5V. I also connected an OLED display to the setup so I could show the readings with an external display. I then supplied power to the whole setup using an MB 102 Breadboard power supply module. The whole set up worked perfectly on a breadboard.

When I tried to move everything to a veroboard is when the problems started. Now when I supply power from the breadboard module, the sensor just gives a reading of 0, as if the sensor is not working, but when I connected the Teensy to USB to start debugging, everything now worked fine, the sensor now gave readings on the external display that were live, not frozen at zero. This makes me think that I have my I2C connections correct and that the issue is with the power supply.

I am not sure why the sensor works with USB power from the microcontroller, but not when I supply power, from the breadboard module, especially considering that supplying power from the module worked fine before on a solderless breadboard.

UPDATE: I think I may have solved the problem. I think that I may have done a poor job using my drill bit to break the rails of the veroboard to keep signals on the same rail from interfering with one another. Once I took my drill bit to them a second time, the sensor started functioning.