Problem with 12-Channel AC Current Monitor Accuracy (I2C)


i am using the 12-Channel On-Board 95% Accuracy AC Current Monitor with I2C Interface to read some current values from my home wiring. It’ a little bit older one but now I want to use it productive. I have done some testing and I am getting very bad results. As an example:
Starting a microwave the real messuament is round about 3,4a. The unmodified sensor tells me, that I have a value from 1,5a. Next I have calibrated the sensor to show the correct value from nearly 3,4a. That’s fine but next, the microwave will switch between 3,4a and 0,1a because of selected wattage. But now the sensor shows 0,5a instead of 0,1a. If i will recalibrate now to show the correct value - the messuarement of 3,4a will be wrong.
So what’s wrong here? I can’t meassure correct values.

This sensor is designed for resistive load and if its used with highly inductive loads it will show a lot of noise.
Using the calibration, It can be used with one kind of inductive load.
Changing the load value( in your case change in microwave watt) will act like a entirely new load for the sensor and result into false readings.