Pressure sensing in wind tunnel

Good day to all and hope someone can guide me! (Master Engineer student at Stellenbosch University)


I need to measure the surface pressure in the boundary layer on the surface of objects as it is tested in a wind tunnel.

Current solution:

I use an Arduino connected to the (LPS25HB MEMS Pressure Sensor 260-1260 hPa Absolute Digital Output Barometer I2C Mini Module) provided by NCD.


The pressure sensing chip (LPS25HB) is too close to other components (Capacitors etc.) and therefore the pressure reading is being influenced as the other components cause turbulence in the flowing air.


Does anyone know of a better module to use or a different solution?
What will be the best approach to moving the sensor chip (LPS255hb) away from the other components?
How far can I move this chip from its capacitors and resistors without it resulting in signal noise?

You can remove CB4 and CA4 caps next tot the sensor.
The ideal solution will be moving the sensor away from all the parts. the sensor can be moved around 6 inch from main board.

Thank you for the reply
Do you mean remove CA4 and CB3? I don’t see a CB4 on my module (Included a picture of the module)

If I remove CA4 and CB3do I just then short circuit the connection?

I was thinking of using NCD product customization feature to create me a new board with the sensor further away!

remove CA4 and CB3
no do not short circuit anything. only remove both caps.

ps. this will void the warranty.

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I assume you are part of NCD.
I it possible for me to get the circuit/ schematic diagram of this pressure module?

attaching the sch
PR10-9.pdf (108.5 KB)

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Could you explain on how to calibrate the LPS25HB pressure sensor?

Thank you

I will recommend checking with ST