Predictive Maintenance Sensor, Ethernet Modem, Node Red

Have a predictive maintenance sensor (vibration, temp, motor current) and pressure (pressure, temp). Ethernet modem connected to network. Utilizing Node Red Wireless Gateway node and looking at messages being received. I am stumped on the meaning of the data. I see the following for the pressure/temp sensor:
1/2/2020, 3:26:24 PMnode: d1c41bd.c2e6ee8sensor_data : msg.payload : Object

nodeId: 0
firmware: 1
battery: 3.2940600000000004
counter: 153
sensor_type: 26
sensor_data: object
sensor_name: “Pressure & Temperature Sensor (PSI)”
type: “sensor_data”
addr: “00:13:a2:00:41:a2:71:5d”
received: 1577996783865
original: object

but I also see the following streaming in.

1/2/2020, 3:20:50 PMnode: ALL READSvision_second : msg.payload : Object
{ station_first: array[6], vision_first: array[14], station_second: array[6], vision_second: array[14] }

WHAT IS NODE: ALL READS? Is this modem data or am I picking up something not related to my installation?

The readings for the sensor should be inside the sensor_data object. Have you expanded that to see if it has what you’re looking for?

Thanks Travis. I have two physical sensors. The sensor_data object contains readings for sensor type 26, the Absolute & Guage Pressure sensor. I realize now that the other data stream is not of concern to me. I am trying to read industrial air pressure with this device (i.e. around 40PSI). Is the Absolute & Guage Pressure sensor capable of reading dry pressure (i.e. not fluid pressure)? My pressure reading is showing as -0.02 in my packet, and is unchanging. Is this sensor not meant to measure air pressure?


@Anil_Bhaskar can you comment on the question above?

Thanks. Bhaskar is communicating with me via email on return procedure for sensor. Thread can close. Thanks