Predictive Maintenance and its modem

Hello, I am looking for monitoring a processing drive (7kW, 12A, working at 18000 rpm) and its bearings and found the
Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor (UPC: 689860069947). The data would be processed at the edge using a Industrial IoT Wireless to USB Modem (UPC: 689860069961).

  1. Is this setup suitable?
  2. Can multiple PM sensors be connected and read by one IoT Wireless to USB Modem?

Thank you very much in advance.

we will recommend this product

yes, multiple sensors can be read by a single USB modem

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Thank you very much for the fast reply and recommendation. Is the vibration sensor with metric mounting options purchasable?

the new probe has 3 mounting options ( all in one probe)

  1. 1/4-28 UNF
  2. 1/4 NPT
  3. Magnet mount

Is the sensor sending the data continuously or is it possible to measure the signals, keep them in memory and send at a defined interval? As far as I understood in Germany it is not allowed to use the 868 MHz frequency for continuous data transmission without additional disruption mitigation techniques.
Furthermore is a drawing or documentation of the vibration and temperature sensor dimensions available?

This sensors works like this

  1. it will take samples after user defined interval
  2. after sending samples it will go back to sleep

Enclosure drawing can be found on the product page under resources.


Do you have drawings like the enclosure one for the sensor at the mounting point? I would like to validate the mounting / fitting at the machine. How long are the cables of the vibration and current sensor to the transmitter box? Thank you very much in advance.

I do not have any drawing of the probe. The mounting options are industry standards.
The probe length is around 1 meter.

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