Pre Purchase question

SKU: PR49-24I - If I buy this unit do i need your modem;SKU: U900HP-S3BMSR_ZIGMO,

OR CAN I TEST AND DEVELOP WITH JUST THE ZIGMO_PCB and my own household wireless router?

Can the unit be configured via node red or another way without the zigmo pcb?

Yes you can just the Zigmo PCB. You will need a S3B module.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Im not sure what that means. I want to read the data from the IoT Long Range Wireless Activity Detection Sensor

I want to read and use it from a laptop or rpi connected to the same regular, in home wireless network. What do I need to configure and read data from the device?

This cart has all the parts you will need

You will plug the usb modem in the pi USB port. You can also use this usb modem with laptop.

Yes, we have node red lib which can be used with this usb modem.

Is that modem required? Is that config adapter required?

I am prototyping so want to minimize the cost

you will need just the modem to read and configure the sensor.

let me know if you have any other questions.