PR8-24 & AnyI2C, Can't Find

I will recommend sending it back for further testing. Its a quite simple product and should work in first go not sure whats going on. we will need to take a look at the hardware and firmware.


@Bhaskar @ryan1, I did some more testing and got my two boards to talk to another station that we have that has been running a PR8-24 for a while. So we won’t need to send them back. I checked if my computer could talk to the board that works on the other computer, and I still could not connect to it using any-i2c. So my assumption is that the error is in my computer or anyi2c installation. Any thoughts?

This kind of problem has not been reported to us before with one exception: the installation of FTDI drivers is required for some systems (typically automatic on a Windows 10 computer). At one point, we did have a customer who was unable to use a USB modem using a FTDI chip because of security software that prevented use of USB devices in general (we were unable to resolve this problem).
I suspect this is not the case for your computer.

@ryan1 is there an older version of anyI2C or another software that I could try communicating with it (I have terminal programs or python).

i believe it’s on github, but I am not the manager, our project manager for AnyI2C is visiting China until next month. This really does not sound like a version issue though…but you could try an earlier commit and see if it helps. The latest commit is supposed to work with the devices you have received.

@ryan1 & @Bhaskar Ok, I got it to work and submitted the issue and my solution to GitHub as well. Thank you guys for your help on the issue.

Glad to hear it! Please let us know if you need anything else.