PR8-14 Capacitor failure

I purchased two of the PR8-14 relay boards along with the BBI2C adapter. Shortly after connecting the 12v power supply via the barrel connector the 100uf 50V capacitor adjacent to the I2C_IN port blew. I verified the output of my power source with a voltage meter and proceeded to try the second board. Unfortunately, it suffered the exact same fate. The only thing connected to the board at the time of failure was the I2C connection from the I2C adapter and 12V power source. Assuming the damage is isolated to the capacitor I can replace it but seeing as I had two failures exactly the same I would like to know why I am having this issue.

Thanks in advance for your support

Never mind after re-checking the power supply with a different voltage meter I am seeing 24V (Power supply rated output is 12V@.5A). I’ll replace the capacitors and “hope” there isn’t damage to other components on the board (unlikely).