PR60-21 ZPOT8PROXR wifi network can't be connected to out of the box

I am trying to follow the guide here NexGen WiFi Module User Guide -
When powering on the NexGen module connected to the board, the initial state is a green flashing LED. By hitting the ‘C’ button the state changes to a flashing blue LED as described in the guide and the “NCD_NexGen” SSID network is available. However when trying to connect with the provided password (“NCDBeast”) I get a “Can’t connect to this network” error message. I am fairly sure the issue isn’t incorrectly inputing the password as purposefully putting an incorrect password gives a different error message. I have tried to use a phone, laptop, desktop computer to connect to the wifi with no success.
Are there specific wifi adapter settings I need to properly connect to the network when in configuration mode with the flashing blue LED?

I’m not sure what would be causing that issue.

I would recommend a factory reset to the NexGen module.

To do that:

  1. Put the module into configuration mode(Flashing Blue LED).
  2. Press and hold the C button until the LED begins flashing random colors or stops flashing Blue.
  3. The module will reboot into configuration mode with factory default settings.

I tried the factory reset you recommended. After the reset the device switches back to a flashing green mode rather than a flashing blue. I have yet to see the device reach a flashing blue LED on powerup. Here is a video to see if I am doing something wrong here: 20230605_215029.mp4 - Google Drive

Ok. Go ahead and press the C button to put the device into configuration mode. There you should be able to tell if settings were factory reset.

The issue from before is still present after factory reset. Attempting to connect to NCD_NexGen wifi network yields a ‘can’t connect’ error from multiple devices.

I have never heard a reported issue like this. I do not know what would cause that and I am unable to replicate it here with multiple modules.

I would recommend returning the module for RMA:

Alright. Thanks for checking. I’ll go through RMA.

If you have not submitted the RMA yet can you note on the RMA to “See Travis”? If you have already submitted the RMA can you provide the RMA number so I can flag it to come to me?