PR60-11_MIRCC4_WIFI and MQTT broker

Newbee here, i configured my module for wifi, (works fine), configured a MQTT broker on android (works fine) but not receiving any signal from module. I configured module to connect to broker without user and password. I was wondering if my 4 input push notification module was able to send data to MQTT broker when input state changes? or it only sends responses after receiving message on subscribe topic? Its my first time setting up a MQTT broker and clients.


I don’t believe that product is the right device for your application. I would instead recommend this product which is much simpler to use for the intended application:

Oh, i see, and does this device uses the same N-Button software? to send e-mail ?

No, N button is a software made by This device simply sends messages to an MQTT Broker which I thought was your intended application.

If you want a contact closure device that just sends emails then this product is more appropriate:

Actually, i need to be able to send push notification to a smart phone whenever a contact closes (when machine stops functioning) and eventually, monitor temperature of equipment. The MQTT device is more interesting because it works both ways, monitor and control. Is there a way i could use your MQTT device and send a Push notification?

This will require a cloud solution. The device sends closure signals via MQTT to a cloud service which in turn sends out notifications to a service running on the phone(if you want native applications instead of text messages/emails).

I would recommend reaching out to to see if they have any solutions for this. They are a cloud solution provider and have extensive experience with our devices.

Alternatively if you only need this to work on Android devices(not iPhone) you could investigate MQTT Dash. I have an article on that here:

It’s for a different product but the same principals would apply to our WiFi MQTT Push Notification product I suggested previously.

Hello @simport and @TravisE_NCD_Technica.

Sebastian here from Ubidots.

While we do have multiple alerts such as SMS, Emails, Webhooks, Slack, Telegram messages, unfortunately, we don’t have the service of push notifications to mobile devices.

Best regards,

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Hi Sebastian,

Thank you very much for the confirmation.

Out of curiosity is this on the development road map? Would probably require the development of native applications on the phone which I know from experience is costly to develop and maintain.

Thank you for theses informations, i f choose to go with
the device with push notification over MQTT, do i need the gateway module PR55-21? or can it directly connect to my MQTT broker?

This device connects directly to your WiFi Network and via that WiFi connection directly to the broker so no gateway is required. It is a stand alone device.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Hello Travis,

We’re currently working on a Mobile App, which should be close to being released. Rest assured that I will notify here when this happens.

This app doesn’t have yet the ability to give Push notifications, but it is something that we have to decide. It is on our radar, but this is still under consideration.


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I just received my PR58-1_MQTT device and trying to setting it up.

Where can i get more info about “Setting Topic” in config interface. It says it will apply settings accordingly to messages published on this topic. What are the setting that i can publish in there?

Where do i set the topic on which the device will publish info? I wrote the following in Topic Format: “sensor1/sensor_::sensor_ID::” but did not work.

Forgot to mention that green light flashes so it is connected to wifi and MQTT broker. MQTT broker already setup and working fine. (tested with smart phone on Android)

Thanks for helping me.

Hi Travis, on the “Contact closure push notification over MQTT” device, I suppose input1 or2 need to be connected to white wire (3v) in order to send the signal, right? Also, where do i set the topic name on which the device sends info to?