PR58-4_MQTT will hang after approximately a week of use

I recently installed 3 of these PR58-4_MQTT and after a week of use the same 2/3 stop working. At first I thought it was a network issue and just cycled power. It kept happening so I looked at the status LED and noticed one device had the LED completely OFF and the other device solid green light. They both had the power LED ON so I know they are getting power.

Any Ideas?

@travis1 any idea what might be going on here

So you have 3 of these devices and 2 of them stopped functioning after about a week? What about the 3rd one? Is it still functioning?

All three are working at the moment, but I did have to restart the same two Monday.

One of the devices went offline at 4am. I just restarted the unit and its back online. The Status LED was OFF and the power LED was ON.

Went down 3 days ago. same thing no status LED but it does have Power. Graph of the # measurements per day for this month.

Just checked this sensor it

I will power up a sensor here and see if I can replicate the issue. If it’s taking over a week or 2 for the device to fail however that makes it extremely difficult to diagnose.

I understand, its hard to replicate. If it keeps happening can we program an auto reboot, every couple of days?