PR58-1 values jumping 20 to 130 to 20 deg C

We recently received and setup a PR58-1. Testing on the bench was good.

We moved the unit and sensor into our server room. Over the weekend we found that the temp went to 130 deg C and humidity to 100% – impossible conditions in our server room.

We brought the unit and sensor back into our office, and the temp/humidity are oscillating between 20 and then to 130 and then back to 20. Humidity value is doing same thing. Monitoring using MQTTExplorer right now.

Suggestions? We’ve only had it for a week or so.

Can you check to see if a factory reset resolves this? To factory reset put the sensor into configuration mode(flashing blue LED). Then press and hold the CFG button until the LED starts flashing random colors, then release the CFG button. It should be factory reset at that point.

We did the factory reset and it worked OK for a while. We deployed the unit to the shop floor, and it was ok for a few days. Now, it looks like it has stared behaving oddly once again - see screen shot.

Is it the sensor? the unit? Troubleshooting suggestions? Can’t keep factory resetting the unit.


Can you remove the lid from the sensor and send an up-close view of the circuit board? I want to specifically check if the I2C PWR pads are bridged correctly.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

We did some additional power-cycles - still reverts same behavior

Photo attached of I2C both directions - did we need to remove the connector as well?


Sorry, that’s not the part of the board I am looking for. There is another area where you will see PWR I2C printed on the board and there are 3 solder pads there.

I do see another spot with 3 solder pads, on our board it is labelled I2C PWR… is that it?

the two right side pads should have been bridged.

@Support - so what is the next steps here - is this a RMA or can you provide instructions for my electrician to solder the proper pads?