PR58-1_MQTT Temperature Sensor connection

Hi, I have a PR58-1_MQTT Temperature and Humidity Sensor. After trying to setup everything according to the manual I now have the LED blink red. It does a 2-blink sequence. I have been told this means the connection to the Wifi and the MQTT broker is working but that there is no connection to the temperature sensor. All the wires are tightly connected as far as I can tell. What can I do next?


This error LED indicates that the sensor failed to authenticate with the MQTT broker. Can you check your authentication in an MQTT client such as MQTT.fx or mqtt explorer?

No, I have been told that if the red LED blinks 3 times it means it can’t connect to the broker. I believe this is correct because when I make the broker unavailable, the LED does blink red 3 times. When I turn the broker back on the LED goes back to blinking twice therefor, I am in agreement that it means something different than not connecting to the broker. In the past I was told it means it can’t connect to the temperature sensor. I know all this because I created a topic for a previous problem, but I always only get a response to a new topic, and I don’t get a response to any additional comments. This is why I started a new topic.

Please why is it always the same? Why ask any questions as a response to the first post on a topic if nobody ever responds to the answers given? I know this isn’t as old, but this is the same thing that happened on a previous topic I opened. The only reason I started a new topic is because I didn’t get responses on the original topic (and yes, I also had new information that changed the topic a little bit). Please, what is the point on saying you respond here first before you respond to support email if there is only one first response here? On top if that, the response here is usually a question. If you ask questions, then please check if you received an answer. I am beyond frustrated :frowning:

Travis designed this product, and he is out of the office. Here are two things you can check

  1. make sure the white Molex cable is securely connected. you can remove the cable and connect it back
  2. The cable is all the way in and screwed to the m12 connector

Can you share a picture of the unit?

I removed and reconnected the Molex cable. Same result. As far as I can tell the m12 connecter is on there as far as it goes. I have attached a picture like you asked. I also made a video but I will do a separate reply for that with a link to a download site.

Here is the video:

the hardware looks good. i will let @TravisE_NCD_Technica comment on it.

Hi @rob.arbouw

I can confirm that you are correct. Two Red LED flashes indicates the processor is not able to communicate with the Temperature/Humidity sensor which is located in the housing at the end of the Wired probe.

That said looking at the video and photos you have provided all connections appear to be solid.

Being a relatively new product I still personally test all of these devices prior to shipment. My testing is thorough and includes connecting the device to my MQTT Broker and validating that Temperature/humidity readings from the sensor are accurate.

The only thing I can thing of is a broken joint somewhere on the device. I would recommend returning the device for warranty repair by completing the RMA form here: