PR58-1_MQTT - Not honoring interval settings


We have tested this senor with a couple of different brokers and one of the observations we have had is that it will roughly send a new temperature/humidity reading roughly 11-20 minutes.

We have changed it from the default of 8000mSec to 2000mSec just as a test. Either 8 seconds or 2 seconds is more than acceptable, yet it doesn’t seem to post to the broker in that short of a time frame. Even a minute would suffice!

Is there something outside of the setup guide here that I should be doing? Or something else I can use to debug?


Hi J,

Unfortunately it sounds like the incorrect firmware was programmed into the device. Could you ship it back to us so we can update the firmware? If so you can fill out the RMA form here:
Note on the RMA “Program sensor firmware to lowest possible interval”. That is a note to our production staff. You will be able to set the device to send sensor readings as you wish through the interval field.

Thanks Travis, I will look for our original order number and follow this process. Appreciate your prompt response!