PR58-1_MQTT interrupts coomunication temperature and humidity

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Our company installed about 10 sensors PR58-1_MQTT into different electric cabins (at street level or underground level) to monitor the temperature and humidity, in wifi mode.
We noted that after two or three days they interrupted to communicate and we had to restart manually them. Is it a connection or a temperature problem?
Is it possible to add a script to restart remotly ?
Thanks in advance for yours answers.
R&D Unit

  1. Can you confirm if the sensors are dropping connection to the WiFi Access Point?

  2. Can you confirm if the sensors are dropping connection to the MQTT Broker?

Thanks for your consideration TravisE_NCD_Technica !
I’m sure that the sensors dropping down the connection to the MQTT Broker and I can not to see it.
I noted that after one or two days the sensor goes to “block” and if we restart manually with the plug the sensor return to work.
Concerning your questions I will verify by today.

Also can you tell me what the RGB LED on the sensor does when it “locks up” and drops connections? Is it still flashing green, flashing white, flashing red, etc?

I have to check meanwhile the sensor works removing the cover

Hi Trevis, sorry to be late in my answer,
I went to check every sensor removing the cover.
I had various cases:

  1. RGB led fixed white almost transparent (first pic in the attachement)
  2. RGB led fixed in green
  3. RGB led flashing green but without communication to MQTT
  4. RGB led fixed in red

Can you confirm if all 10 devices are displaying this behavior of ceasing to function after 2-3 days of operation?

Yes I confirm. Moreover I noted that when i restart the devices they stopped as if they were a lot to be working all in the meanwhile.

Do you have any way to confirm or deny if the devices are still connected to the WiFi Access Point? Perhaps through a DHCP client list? I’m trying to determine if they lost WiFi connection or if they simply lost connection to the MQTT Broker but are still connected to WiFi.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott