PR55047_2CR loop sensor wiring

Hi, I’ve been trying to get a sensor connected to PR55-47_2CR but running into some trouble. I’m testing with this but not getting any power (it works fine with PR33-7). I’m not seeing any voltage at V but was expecting this to read 16V, am I doing something wrong?

does the 4-20mA generator provides loop supply?
if not you will need to add loop supply.


It doesn’t, I thought based on this " * On Board 16V Supply to Power up the external 4-20mA Devices" on the product page it would provide power.

Yes, the on board supply could be used.
You will have to include this supply in your loop.

Wiring ncould look somethign like this

4-20mA +ve ( board) >>> sensor 4-20mA +ve
4-20mA -ve ( board ) >>>> 16V supply +ve
sensor 4-20mA -ve >>> 16V supply Gnd

OK so this is the part that’s confusing me - where is the on board supply? It looked like from the drawings V should provide power so I assume I should be able to measure 16V between V and ground but a multimeter shows 0V.

I’m trying to use this with the ethernet modem and am receiving broadcasts from this so I know it’s on and transmitting at least.

Thanks for your help by the way, I appreciate it.

you will see any voltage only when the device is taking sample, rest of the time the power supply is kept off to save power.