PR55-61PM_BTR 200A ~ Reading amps too high

We installed a PR55-61PM_BTR PM sensor on one of our chillers yesterday and it’s reading the amps at 289 when the actual value should be in the 150A range. The sensor box and the current sensor itself is labeled 200A.

We have 6 sensors total installed on 3 chillers, this is the first and only time I’ve seen this happen. Do you have any suggestions I could try?

Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

Could you provide detailed photos of the sensor, the current transducer, and how it is installed?

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

This sensor has a calibration field

for 200AMp the default value is 172

Thanks for getting back to me guys. I just went out to get the box to set the calibration and noticed the electrician did not install the new 200A AC sensor. Is there a setting I can use to calibrate it for 100A, or do I have to have the electrician replace the sensor? The chiller is in use continuously, especially this time of year.

so the installed CT is 100Amp but the current passing through is around 150Amp.

that could damage the CPU.

The installed CT has been 100Amp for 4 years or so now, I only had to replace the box due to water infiltration. It isn’t working with the 200Amp configured box I just put in place a few minutes ago. I was just wondering if there was a way for me to calibrate the 200A box to work with the 100A CT so I don’t have to have the electrician shut it down to swap out CT’s.

Yes, you can set the calibration value. if you are using the new gen PM sensor then you can use over the air config to set the calibration value remotly.

set the calib value to 100.

New calib = (true current/current read by sensor ) * stored calib