PR55-61E Probe Questions

Hello all, I appreciate all the help this forum has given my team over the last few months, I’m back again with another question!

We purchased a PR55-61E Vibration sensor to monitor temperature and vibration profiles on a conveyor motor for our shipping operations, we originally purchased the magnetic mount, but later discovered that our motor casing is aluminum…

I was wondering if there is any other adapter solutions such as using something like a ring terminal connector to attach the probe to a bolt in the motor casing, or some other method to get a better internal reading of the motor, we are also exploring the idea of trying to use magnetized tape or an industrial adhesive but are worried about either damaging the probe or getting inaccurate data.

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Hi Ryan,

Every installation is different to be honest.

We thread the end of the sensor with a 1/4" NPT standard and also tap the inside to 1/4-28 as these prove useful in many installations. Many large motors have lift eyelets which are 1/4" NPT so if you remove the eyelet you can install the probe in that spot.

Alternatively you could consider epoxying the magnetic foot to the motor and then thread the sensor on there.

If none of these seem relevant to your installation perhaps you can provide photos of the device from a few angles and we can make suggestions.