PR55-5A Outdoor Use

Is this device rated for outdoor use? The drawing states that is designed to meet different Nema standards, but specifications state to not use outdoors. If it is not, can you build this device to be ip65 rated?

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yes, this one is IP65-rated.
The new units come with m12 connector.

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Is this box still IP65/NEMA 4X rated when the external power option is included? I was under the impression that the external power would be routed through the M12 cable.


In order to maintain the IP65 rating, an IP65-rated barrel connector is used here.

Yes, M12 has an external power supply option as well. Users prefer a barrel connector because it’s the most common power supply out there. That’s the reason behind putting a barrel connector, you can request not to have it while placing the online order.